B a c k g r o u n d 

Music has been a constant influence that continues to enrich my life everyday. This journey started with the support from my Mom and Dad. They had a great impact in what I do today as a musician. They fostered my curiosity when I first touched a guitar and fanned the flames when I chose to pick up the violin in the 6th grade (my first instrument). When we moved to a school district that had no Orchestra program (a damn shame if you as me), they continued to support my fascination with the guitar, as well as, my decision on picking up the bass; I wanted to play with more people and experience more music, and it had been a journey for sure.
My youth pastor in High school also had a great influence on my life with regards to faith, music, and bass playing; he gave me my first lesson and it has stuck with me since. 
I am originally from Austin, Texas (for the most part) and have been playing bass for the better part of 15 years. The majority of my work has been done in the Texas Country scene. I have also had experience in Indie-Rock, Alt-Country, Americana, Blues, and Post-Rock genres. 
Over these 15 years I have had the pleasure of working with 27 different artists (...and counting). I am very experienced in live performances as well as studio recording, having done EPs and LPs with some of the artist I have worked with over the years. (See below for studio and artist information).
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I have equipment to suit any venue from acoustic coffee shops to downtown bars to large stages (please see pictures). Also, I am very comfortable in a recording studio.
I do not mind doing covers with bands, but my passion is in original material. For more information or if you are an artist in need of a bassist for a gig or session, please contact me via email on the "Contact" page. 
...as always,
Peace, Love and Music!
Studios Recorded in with Artist:
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Stormy Cooper Media:

Wes Nickson Band EP (2018); not released

Stormy Cooper Media: 

Parker Heights "Livin' the Dream" (2016)


Anthem Recording Studio:

Austin English "Crazy" EP (2014)


Studio 333

Cody Wayne & Westbound 21 "Live at the Horseshoe" (2013)


Rosewood Studios:

Westbound 21 "Westbound 21" EP (2012); limited release


Studio 1916

TJ Klein EP (2010); not released


The Zone Recording Studio:

Blake Stutts "Living in the Grey" (2009) 

Artists/Bands I have worked with:

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Jesse Stratton Band (Currently)

Doc West (Currently)

Wynn Williams

Hayden Haddock

Hayden Baker

Anna Stockdale

Katye Hamlin

Bri Bagwell and the Banned

Wes Nickson

Luke Pell

Jesse Stratton Band

Daniel Lynn 

The Lowly Bellows 

Austin English

Cody Jasper

Christopher Crow

Mando Salas

The Briars

Scott Shelby

Parker Heights (Formally FM2865)

Cody Wayne band (Formally Westbound 21)

The Wannabes

Pat Ryan

Jordan York

Brett Hauser

TJ Klein Band

Blake Stutts

Walking Bear (Chad Petty)


El Campo.jpeg
WW-White Oak

w/ Wynn Williams (Opening for Koe Wetzel & Parker McCollum)

@ White Oak Amphitheater, Houston, Texas

WW-George's Majestic

w/ Wynn Williams (Opening for Flatland Cavarly) @ George's Majestic, Fayetville, Arkansas

WW-Twisted J's Live

w/ Wynn Williams (Opening for Mike Ryan) @ Twisted J's Live, Stephenville, Texas

w/ Bri Bagwell (Opening for Casey Donahew) @ Dos Amigos, Odessa, Texas

w/ Katye Hamlin (Pre-game show) @ Cowboys Stadium, Dallas, Texas

w/ Wes Nickson Band (Opening for Cameron Nelson) @ Freiheit Country Store, New Braunfels, Texas

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